📰 Gym Briefing

**We are providing at home workouts during COVID-19 Closure!!**
-At Home bodyweight workouts are available in Wodify.
-There will also be a limited equipment (makeshift equipment) option to compliment the bodyweight option.
-You can access the at home workouts by switching the program to The At Home Workouts tab.
-You will be able to enter your scores and still see other peoples times as well 🙂
-We will post updates as soon as we find out.

If you have any questions please reach out!

Thank you!



1 Minute Each
Spiderman + Reach: https://youtu.be/tGxCop_0yRQ
Active Samson: https://youtu.be/jGVMgxjPORo
Push-up to Down Dog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPhA5b-P34Y

1 Minute Each
Front Plank on Hands
Side Plank (30 Seconds Each Side)
Hollow Hold: https://youtu.be/EJvFiNvuuXw

1 Round
3 Strict Pull-ups (Or 3 Odd-Object Rows)
6 Push-ups
12 AbMat Sit-ups
24 Step Back Lunges

Barbs (No Equipment & Limited Equipment) (Time)

3 Rounds For Time:
10 Strict Pull-ups
20 Push-ups
30 Sit-ups
40 Jumping Lunges
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Strict Pull-ups

Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds

-This all bodyweight workout is a twist on the benchmark “Barbara”
-After completing the 7 stations, you’ll rest 3 minutes between rounds
-With a fair amount of rest built in and little interference between consecutive movements, the goal is work quickly through each round
-Your score is the total time it takes to complete the 3 rounds, including rest time

-Choose a number or variation that allows you to complete the work in 1-3 sets
-If you don’t have a pull-up bar available complete 20 odd object rows

-Choose a number or variation that allows you to complete the work in 2-4 sets

-Use an AbMat for this station if you have it
-If not, you can anchor your feet under dumbbells or your couch

-Alternate legs every rep for a total of 20 each side
-Jump to full lower body extension at the top of each rep
-Gently kiss the back knee to the ground at the bottom of each rep
-If jumping lunges bother the knees in any way, switch to alternating step back lunges

-Reduce Reps
-Banded Strict Pull-ups
-Ring Rows
-20 Odd Object Rows

-Reduce Reps
-Elevate Hands (Box, Bench, Chair)
-Knee Push-ups

-Alternating Step Back Lunges

**Body Armor**

Tabata Dumbbell Front Squats
8 Rounds:
20 Second Work
10 Seconds Rest

-Hold 2 dumbbells in the front rack position for these squatting intervals
-Tabata Intervals:
8 Rounds:
20 Seconds Work
10 Seconds Rest
-With rest built in, the goal is to move for as much of the 20 seconds as possible
-If 2 dumbbells is too heavy and will cause you to stop moving – only use 1 dumbbell
-In this case, you can hold the bell in the goblet position