Gym Briefing

**Partner Body Composition Challenge**

Method: DEXA Scan

Duration: 8 Weeks starting Feb. 2nd

Cost: 100$ for 2 tests per partner

Scheduling Link:

*Testing will be done at CBCF

Winners: Combined body fat % lost + lean mass (muscle) gained

-DEXA (Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry) is considered the gold standard of Body Composition Analysis Testing and is used worldwide by elite athletes and teams. The Dexa Scan is fast, highly accurate, and requires no unique clothing. It takes about 10 minutes and exposes you to less radiation than a 1-hour flight.

-The Dexa Body Composition Analysis Scan will provide you with a7-page report with a detailed understanding of your body composition. It includes:

  • Total body fat percentage
  • Total lean percentage
  • Bone Density Scores
  • Muscle Symmetry
  • Regional composition (i.e., How much fat, lean, and bone in arms, legs, trunk, etc.)
  • Images of bone, lean, and fat tissue
  • Estimated Resting Metabolic Rate for Nutrition Planning.

Testing Instructions:

  • Maintain a Normal Hydration Level (Do not Test while dehydrated or overhydrated
  • No Fasting is required
  • Testing can be completed before or after a workout
  • No special Clothing requirements (most people Test in Gym Clothes)
  • After completion of the Dexa Scan, a Dexa Body Consultant will review your test results