Wall Balls For Balls WOD’s have been released!

Event #1 – All Divisions (Mens,Womens,Coed)

5min AMRAP
Max weight moved- Wall Balls
-Athletes will choose medball weight
-1 Medball Per Team
-Medball weights to choose from: 10#,14#,20#,30#
-Mens wall ball height is 10’
-Womens wall ball height is 9’
-Wall ball standards; full squat, ball must hit the target
-Athletes may switch at anytime
-If athletes switch, ball must start from the ground
-Scoring: Medball Weight x Reps Completed
Example: Team Xtreme – 20# ball
Reps: 100
Score: 2,000

Event #2 (Men’s,Women’s, Coed)

5min Time Limit
Max Weight Power Snatch
-Athlete’s score will be combined weights lifted.
-Barbell will start empty
-Both athletes must successful complete a lift within the 5min time frame
-Athletes must catch the bar locked out, with hip crease above parallel.
-Given plates
Mens(45b bar) – 45×4, 25×2,15×2,10×2,5×2,2.5×2
Womens(35lb bar)- 25×4,15×2,10×4,5×2.2.5×2

Event #3 (Men’s, Women’s, Coed)

5min AMRAP
2 Max Rep Pull-up Sets per teammate.
In remaining time: Max Rep Burpee Box Jump(24/20)
-Each athlete will get 2 attempts at a max set of unbroken pull-ups. (Acceptable pull-up variations include: Strict, butterfly, kipping)
-An unbroken set is without coming off the pull-up bar(No letting go of bar, no resting your feet or legs on the ground or rig).
-Chin must cross the horizontal plane of the pull-up bar.
-If an athlete is no repped, but still hanging onto the bar, their set is still considered unbroken, but no rep awarded for incomplete pull-up.
-Once each athlete has established their sets, their scores will be combined and count towards their point total.
-Upon completion of max unbroken sets, remaining time will be spent with max rep burpee box jumps.
-One athlete working at a time on pull-up sets & burpee box jumps, athletes may switch as desired.
-If an athlete is unable to complete an Rx standard pull-up, their score will be max rep burpee box jumps.
-Burpee Box Jump Standard – Chest and thighs touch ground on burpee, full hip extension on top of the box.
-Step-ups are acceptable for the box jump portion.
-Men will use a 24” box, women will use a 20” box.
Scoring Example
Athlete A: Set 1 Pull-ups- 20 Set 2 Pull-ups – 20 Total: 40
Athlete B: Set 1 Pull-ups- 15 Set 2 Pull-ups – 10 Total: 25
Burpee Box Jumps(As a team) – 50
Total Score – 115

Event #4 (Men’s,Women’s,Coed)


Max Calorie Airdyne

-Athletes will start off the bike, once the clock starts they may get on and pedal.

-Athletes may set their seat height before the wod begins.

-Athletes may alternate at anytime.

-1 Bike per team.

– Score will be total calories accumulated on bike in 5mins.