Friday Schedule!
The 2019 CrossFit has begun! There will be NO 6pm class this Friday for Friday Night Lights! Heats will start at 6:30pm, please show up early to warm up and get into a heat. Come hang out and cheer people on as they take on 19.3!
Gym Briefing
For the month of March Yoga will be on the 9th and the 30th from 10:15-11:15.

***March Member Event***
March 23rd – Cubs vs Rockies Spring Training Game – 6:40pm @ Salt River Fields –
($34 – Lawn Seats – You can purchase tickets at

Metcon (No Measure)
Goat Day(substitute movements as desired)
20 Min EMOM
1. 30 Double Unders
2. 2-4 Power Clean (You choose weight)
3. 3-6 Handstand Push-ups
4. Bike @ 50% effort

Goat Days are used for us to practice movements that our challening for us. Over the next 5 weeks, since we dont know what movements will be coming up on Fridays we will be programming goat days. You can use this 20 Min EMOM to practice movements at a low intensity. For example, movement one we can do double unders for 30 seconds. Movement two, we can do 3-5 Overhead squats or 1-2 muscle ups. We want to keep the rep scheme and the intensity low for these goat days. If you have any questions ask a coach, thank you!

4 Movements
Min 1: 30s Double Unders or DU attemps.
Min 2: Bike
Min 3: 5-10 hand release push up
Min 4: Row

2 Movements
Min 1: Bike
Min 2: 2-4 HSPU

2 Movements
Min 1: Row
Min 2: Box Step Ups 20″