šŸ“° Gym Briefing

***October Dates***
-Yoga will be on the 12th and the 26th of October from 10:15am-11:15am.

***Friday Night Lights!***
-20.1 will be released October 10th! Don’t forget to sign up for the Open and come join us for Friday Night Lights every Friday during the 5 weeks. Heats will begin at 6:30pm! There will be 6pm Friday classes during the Open.

***October 19th and 20th***
-Camelback CrossFit will be hosting a Level 2 certification, the gym will be closed down for these two days.


Back Squat:Ā 3 Sets of 6 Reps

*Today you have the choice of building to a heavy set of 6 or staying at a challenging weight for all 3 sets.

*If you build to a heavy set of 6 make sure you change the rep scheme to 1×6.


Underbelly (Time)

For Time
Double Unders
AbMat Sit-Ups

Directly Into…

Double Unders
Air Squats