📰 Gym Briefing

–Gym Update on COVID-19—

Hello Camelback CrossFit community,

The gym is closed down until further notice.

All memberships will be paused for April and no one will be charged. You will all still have access to Wodify and we will be posting daily at-home workouts with the ability to post your results.

I will also be available to help answer any workout questions and give coaching advice should you need.

Thank you for everyone’s support.  Please stay healthy and active.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!  Let us know if there is anything we can do to help during this difficult period.


****We are providing at home workouts!!****
-At Home bodyweight workouts are available in Wodify.
-There will also be a limited equipment (makeshift equipment) option to compliment the bodyweight option.
-You can access the at home workouts by switching the program to The At Home Workouts tab.
-You will be able to enter your scores and still see other peoples times as well 🙂


Supple Sunday (No Measure)

Upper Body Mobility
1. Wrist Stretches: 30 Seconds Each Direction
2. Pec Stretch on Wall : 1-2 Minutes Each Side
3. Puppy Pose: 2 Minute Hold

Lower Body Mobility
1. Spiderman Hold: 3 Minutes Each Side
2. Happy Baby: 2 Minute Hold
3. Plantar Stretch: 2-3 Minute Hold
4. Butterfly Stretch: 2 Minute Hold
5. Squat Hold: 3 MinutesWrist Stretches:

Pec Stretch on Wall:

Puppy Pose:

Spiderman Hold:

Happy Baby:

Plantar Stretch:

Butterfly Stretch:

Squat Holds:

Supple Sunday (Limited Equipment) (No Measure)

3 Rounds, Not for Time:
50 4-Count Flutter Kicks
40 Single Arm Bent Over Rows (20 each)
30 Weighted Glute Bridges
20 Weighted Sit-Ups*Using dumbbell or odd-object

Dumbbell Flutter Kicks: