Monday 10.3.22

Gym Briefing October Yoga will be on the 15th and 29th from 10:15am-11:15am. -October Friday [...]

Friday 9.30.22

-Strength- Snatch Building to a heavy complex of: 2 Power Snatches 1 Squat Snatch -Metcon- [...]

Thursday 9.29.22

-Strength- Deadlift Building to a heavy set of 15 for the day. -Metcon- Popeye Partner [...]

  • Meet Lauren!

    Birthday: December 27th

    Favorite Movement/WOD:
    Squat Cleans

    Life Outside the Gym:
    Dog mom to a German shorthaired pointer and Newfoundland, indoor cycling and just hanging by the pool with friends.

    Most Spontaneous Thing You’ve Ever Done:
    Flew to Boise, ID to visit my best friend to go snowboarding at Bogus Basin and when I landed decided to rent a car and drive 5 hours in the middle of the night to Bend, Oregon to snowboard at Mt. Bachelor for the day then drive back to Boise to go to continue the trip.

    Two Truths and A Lie:
    1. I’ve been sky diving
    2. I was almost struck by lightning
    3. I’ve been to Japan

    Take your best guess and find her at the gym to get the answer!