By definition, CrossFit is constantly varied functional movement at high intensity. But what exactly does that mean? Constantly Varied: Everyday you come into CBCF, we have a workout programmed for you that will challenge incorporate different movements, different time domains, and different fitness modalities (cardio, weightlfiting, gymnastics, etc). Functional movements: These movements are ingrained in our DNA and include squats, deadlifts, pressing overhead, pulling ourselves over objects, jumping, running, and rowing. These movements are complex in that they use multiple muscle groups at the same time, with our focus being on moving the right way as opposed to isolating specific muscles. A common theme with these movements is that they are all core-to-extremity. So yes, we do ab work, it’s called every workout we do! Leg day? Oh, you just mean every day. High Intensity: This is where it all goes down. Intensity is the game changer. Not only are we performing strengthening movements, but we are constantly moving from one movement to another, with little to no rest in between, building our cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory, and muscular endurance. You can squat 400 pounds? That’s awesome! Now can you front squat 185 pounds 10 times after running 400 meters and then do 15 pull-ups (and repeat that 5 times)?  Say hello to a whole new ball game, and what the heck are these muscles I never even knew existed, and why are they sore? But CrossFit is much, much more than even that.

CrossFit Community

When members of other gyms around the world visit our box, we always ask them about their favorite part of CrossFit. By far the most common response is the community. You can go to almost any place on earth, visit a box (CrossFit slang for “gym”), and be welcomed by coaches and members as one of their own. It is welcoming and uplifting. We are all trying to get better, and we try to share that enthusiasm with each other and help one another however we can. We participate in competitions, events, charities, socials, and nutritional challenges. As life seems to pull people further and further away from personal interaction, CrossFit brings people together in a positive and healthy pursuit, and we have a ton of fun in the process.

Arizona is a particularly great place when it comes to our gym community, because it is such a transient city. Every week new people flock to Scottsdale from all over the world. It’s comforting to be able to come into CBCF and see the same faces every week and meet other Arizona natives from every walk of life and profession. This is something you will truly have to see for yourself to fully appreciate, but we can promise you it’s worth stopping by!

CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games season starts every year in February with the CrossFit Open. This is a 3-week open competition where CrossFitters around the globe complete a set workout and have their score entered on both a regional and worldwide level. Each week there is a new workout, and after the conclusion of 3 weeks the top 10% of individuals and top 25% of teams in each reach region qualify for Quarterfinals. The CrossFit Quarterfinals are weekend-long competition that take place in your home affiliate. Following Quarterfinals, a select group of people will qualify from Semifinals. The top men, women, and teams from each Semifinal make it to the No Bull CrossFit Games, a week-long test of both physical fitness and mental toughness designed to the fittest man, woman, and team on Earth. The Open is designed to be inclusive for everyone, and we encourage all of our members to participate. Last year, nearly 300,000 athletes participated in the Open. We incorporate the Open workouts into our classes so members get a chance to experience it with each other. This is always an exciting time of year when we get to witness members pushing themselves to accomplish personal bests and physical feats they often never imagined possible.