Gym Briefing

Blood Donation at Camelback CrossFit

One Whole Blood donation saves 3 lives!

Where: Camelback CrossFit

When: February 10th with appointment slots available from 7:30am-11am

Booking Link:

Questions please contact Laura Ortner at 480-283-7411 Thank you!


January Member Event

What: Paintball at Splatter Ranch

When: Januare 27th, 1pm – 4:30pm

Cost: 60$ per person (Comes with gun, face mask, chest protector, and 200 paintballs per person). And extra paintball purchases can be made day of.

**This is a pay in advance event, please let me know if you are coming so we can get an accurate headcount and we will charge your wodify account. Email [email protected] to reserve a spot.


2024 CrossFit Games Open

What Is The Open: A three week worldwide competition where members of the Crossfit community have an opportunity to compete and test each other regardless of fitness level. We will once again divide gym members into Team Black and Team Red with Coach Rob and Coach Nick as team captains. Only members who are officially registered for the Open will be chosen for teams. Our goal is to get the highest Open participation in CBCF history this year!

*For more information and to register go to